PG Situation

Starter: Jeff Teague

Backups: Aaron Brooks, Joseph Young

The Indiana Pacers went into the off-season with George Hill as the starting point guard and emerged with Jeff Teague, the former Atlanta Hawk. Teague was an all-star in 2015, and is a proven play-maker and scorer. Teague is a younger, more reliable option at point guard and should complement well with superstar Paul George. Teague is a player who can give you 16-17 points per game in addition to 7 assists with under 3 turnovers. For the same salary as George Hill, the Pacers got a complete upgrade at the starting point guard spot. Teague is an all around player who is more often than not a positive in the box score.

The Pacers were looking thin at the point guard position until their recent signing of Aaron Brooks in free agency. Brooks has been a career back up in the NBA and last played for the Chicago Bulls, where he solidified himself as a spark off the bench. Brooks can hit shots from the outside, and his floor spacing will help open driving lanes for players such as Paul George and Monta Ellis. Brooks is not a defensive minded player, but his scoring off the bench will be a nice addition to this Pacers squad.

Joseph Young appeared to be headed towards a larger role before the signing of Aaron Brooks, but instead he will remain the 3rd option at point guard. While at Oregon, Young showed himself to be a dynamic scorer and a high volume three point shooter. Young was not able to achieve such high status in his rookie campaign with the Pacers, so his small role is warranted. Young has a knack for scoring and has improved his distributing, so under the guidance of veterans Jeff Teague and Aaron Brooks he should see an increase in efficiency in the minutes he gets.


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